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  • Salome UrenaWelcome to I.S. 218M

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to create an urban school community that produces sustained gains in student achievement to close the achievement gap, and to improve students' moral commitment to, and understanding of the external community.

    Our Mission

    The mission of Salome Urena de Henriquez School - I.S. 218 - is to provide students a rigorous data driven education focused on critical thinking competencies to improve students' academic outcomes and compete in the global community. With our Core Values we create a safe and trusting environment that assists in developing, guiding and promoting students towards self-discipline, motivation and responsibility for our school and the external community. Through Team Meetings and Instructional Grade Meetings the faculty provides instructional leadership following the Principles of Learning, and are also advocates for students social and emotional growth.

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Picture of Romana Bertolotti
NYC DOE - Common Core Library
by Romana Bertolotti - Wednesday, August 29, 2012, 11:26 AM
Don't forget to visit the New York City Department of Education's common core library to look at the new performance tasks!


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Principal - June Barnett

Salome Urena Middle Academies
4600 Broadway Avenue
New York, New York 10040
(212) - 569 - 2322
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